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Forensic Accountancy in Divorce
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Forensic Accountancy in Divorce
Julia Wallace-Walker has been involved in numerous family law cases and is widely recognised as a leading expert in valuations and asset tracing investigations in proceedings before The Family Division of the High Court of Justice.

JWW is typically instructed by family lawyers on behalf of a husband or wife in “big money”, high profile cases to report on the value and liquidity of business assets, often complicated with off-shore structures, commercial issues or inadequate disclosure.  Her work typically includes:

·    Forensic investigations and asset tracing

·    Company share and business valuations

·    Liquidity, income and financing a settlement

·    Calculations to establish marital acquest

JWW Forensic Accountants provide a discerning, personal service to lawyers and private clients.  Working with you towards the successful resolution of disputes we deliver independent, commercial and practical advice.  We provide reasoned opinions to produce convincing expert evidence in reports and the witness box or in mediation and the collaborative law process.


Our pragmatic and objective approach is tailored to each individual case to offer genuine value for money.

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